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It's official. Americans are drowning in debt. Not only are we working record hours and decreasing our quality of life just to pay the bills, but we are also racking up more debt even as we've paid off another! How can we stop this vicious cycle or revolving debt, and get our financial lives back in order?

I found these few simple guidelines helpful in my own personal quest to be debt free, and in fact succeeded in paying off all of my outstanding revolving (credit) debt. You may also be able to apply them to your life as well, or at least modify them to help your personal situation.

1.) Limit your trips to restaurants. I hear more people who complain about uncontrollable debt talk about eating out several nights a week. And guess what they're using? Credit cards. Don't dine out unless you're paying with cash or your debit card. Eating out is much more costly than eating at home. After tipping, many times two people can spend $40.00 or more. Imagine putting that same money toward an outstanding debt. Now take it a step further and visualize how it will feel to be debt free, and also guilt free when you do eat out again.

2.) Every time you go grocery shopping, make a list and a pre-determined budget and do not waver from it. Not only can your wallet benefit, but many times your waistline too!

3.) ALWAYS try to pay at least double, if not triple your minimum credit card payments. This not only gets them paid down - and eventually off - faster, but it also reduces the interest on the unpaid balance, which gives you a little more breathing room to pay less in the future, since you're not constantly adding more interest. Then it becomes an exercise in futility.

4.) Go ahead and play the "Credit Card Game". This is where you pay off a higher interest credit card to a zero balance, with a new zero APR card. These types of credit cards usually only offer the zero APR deal as a limited time introductory rate, but you'll still be getting a zero interest rate for those 6-9 months, which gives you more time to "really" catch up on your payments and pay a little more, when there will be nothing else tacked on, and you can truly pay your balances down to manageable amounts.

Two things to note when playing the "Credit Card Game" :

a.) Make sure you will get the going prime rate when the intro period is up.

b.) Do not cancel your old card. Just keep it at a zero balance. Experts say it is better for your credit score if you do not cancel old credit cards.

5.) Start a side business. I would say get a second job, but historically people who have two jobs do not win in the end as far as taxes go. If you have a side business doing something that you enjoy, not only are you getting a second income, you are also getting tax deductions. This is a good rule of thumb, but as with everything else in life, it does not apply to every situation. There are tons of businesses that cost virtually nothing to start up, and it can be a very gratifying experience.

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Visit Credit Card and Debt Management Info for a personal view and experiences on managing debt and finding lower interest loans, mortgages, credit cards and other lines of credit to stay out of long term debt. Danna Schneider is the founder of Prime Rate Credit :
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Get Out of Debt For Less With Interest-Rate Arbitration
19 Aug 2014 at 11:49am
The average American family has 10 credit cards and over $15,000 of credit card debt. Nearly half of these households have trouble making the minimum monthly payments, and some are using plastic to cover daily living expenses such as groceries, gasoline, and the morning latte. If you are having debt problems, now is the time to stop this destructive cycle and get the help you need from a debt reduction program. This article teaches you the principles of interest-rate arbitration, one of the most popular forms of debt relief.

Think Consolidation When Drowning In Debt
28 Jul 2014 at 5:43am
Consolidation of debt simply means replacing many small debts with one or two large ones. This may, on the face of it, not sound as a very big deal. However, the effect can indeed be quite magical.

Finance to Consolidate Debts - The Solution to Your Debt Problems
18 Jul 2014 at 5:32am
Finance for consolidating debts is an option you can consider if you find yourself struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments and also trying to pay off of your debts at the same time. It involves the process of refinancing your current mortgage loan and combining any or all of the following debts into one mortgage. All of these debts have their own repayment terms, interest rates, fees and charges, and differing days of the month to repay the debts:
Debt Coadunation Through Large Personal Loans Despite Bad Credit
8 Jun 2014 at 1:01pm
Popular media has certainly added to the scale of the world's current credit epidemic. Headlines say that nations are mired in debts, and editorials criticize the "irresponsible borrowers", "reckless lenders" and even today's "consumerist culture" is sometimes held responsible for it. However, this view is not shared by financial institutions for which it is important to distinguish between "debts" and "bad debts", because options as simple as debt coadunation loans are in place to help people along and make their lives easier.
Debt Consolidation Loans - The Most Important Questions And Answers
12 May 2014 at 5:27am
In current times, the average person is faced with many situations that require him or her to have some form of wealth. A person in such a dilemma may consider taking up a loan from a reliable financial institution. When this happens more than once, intervention is then needed to sum up all the small amounts of money that a person owes and help the person pay them off in one instance.

Quick And Easy Tips To Consolidate Your Debt
5 May 2014 at 5:56am
Are you ready to start getting out of debt? Debt consolidation may be the right choice for you. Read this article for some quick and simple tips to follow to get your consolidation started, so you can get on the road to being debt free quickly.

Things To Consider Before Opting For A Debt Consolidation Loan
28 Apr 2014 at 1:11pm
Debit consolidation can be a great medium of paying off the balances of the debits of the people with multiple creditors. The main aim of this loan is to simplify the debt.
How You Can Qualify For A Personal Debt Consolidation Loan
14 Apr 2014 at 5:32am
If you are tired of having creditors pursue you at home and at work, it is definitely time to start being proactive about repairing your finance. One of the best ways to do this is by securing a debt consolidation loan. These loans help high-risk consumers to centralize and pay off their past due bills so that they can start moving forward with their lives.
Debt Consolidation Reviews: How You Can Manage Your Debts
14 Apr 2014 at 5:31am
There are a number of strategies that people can use when looking for money to clear up their past due accounts. Debt consolidation loans are among the most popular solutions for consumers with problems like these. They give borrowers adequate sums of money for paying their creditors off.
How Credit Card Consolidation Companies Can Help With Your Debts
14 Apr 2014 at 5:30am
It is not uncommon for people to become overwhelmed by their bills. They might have major changes that affect their income or they can become bogged down by added fees and interest. When this occurs, however, it is important for people to find a fast and effective solution to their problems. This is why many consumers are opting to receive debt consolidation loans.

Consult Reliable Debt Counseling Services For Appropriate Debt Help
4 Apr 2014 at 8:08am
In order to deal with the debt crisis in a methodical and efficient way, it is advisable to contact experienced and reliable debt counseling services. A severe debt situation can make your life extremely complicated and stressful.

Tired of Juggling Several Monthly Payments? Debt Consolidation May Be the Answer
1 Apr 2014 at 5:39am
As more and more UK residents face the growing problem of making ends meet month to month, people are turning to debt consolidation companies for assistance. Debt consolidation refers to taking out one large loan to pay off several smaller ones and can be a great solution to help people take control of their finances.

Will Debt Consolidation Help Me?
21 Mar 2014 at 5:03am
It seems like just about everyone is carrying a large amount of debt these days. Would it make sense to consolidate some of those loans? It may not be as simple or as straight forward as you might think. Take a few minutes to read this article and see if debt consolidation is the right choice for you.
How To Go From Debt Consolidation To a Debt Free Life
17 Mar 2014 at 8:31am
A debt consolidation loan - make that the RIGHT debt consolidation loan - can be a stress reduction loan as well. The fact is that most people get too deeply in debt at one time or another. Sometimes the deep debt is caused by poor financial management and a bad case of "living beyond means," but sometimes the deep debt can be caused by an accident, injury, or illness or by the unexpected loss of a job.
Want Answers For Your Debt Consolidation Problems? We Have Them
3 Feb 2014 at 12:26pm
Dealing with debt can be frustrating. It can leave you feeling like there is no way to dig yourself out. You might think that you are alone in this battle, but there are methods out there which can help. For example, read this article to learn how debt consolidation might assist you today.

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